Origin of the new word: Samandhi Pauii

In the beginning was the word...  ;-)

Yes, World Peace is a great idea. The problem is, that not all countries and cultures around the world even have a WORD for "World Peace", and global harmony, universal kindness, and so forth. 

And without a word for something, you can't really talk about it: it doesn't exist as a concept. With a word for something, people have no access to it. 

So we realized that A NEW WORD HAD TO BE CREATED... that meant "World Peace"... and that COULD BE USED IN EVERY LANGUAGE ON THE PLANET. 

The word had to be created, constructed, devised, formulated, invented.

The word had to be useable in ANY LANGUAGE. Which meant that...

... it had to be long enough, and different enough, that it didn't already exist in any other language. And also, it couldn't mean anything in any other language. (Or even sound like anything in another language.)

And the word had to be pronounceable by any culture, and any human-language-speaker on the planet.

So we consulted clever language experts, and cunning linguists around the globe...

... and so the new word was born, to use IN ANY LANGUAGE...

Samandhi Pauii!!!

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