Samandhi Pauii. World Peace. How else can I help?

First - make sure you have read all the information pages on this site! If you haven't yet done that, Click Here, to get up to speed. 

Basically though, just by being one of the first to 'buy a shirt to help now' you have already demonstrated that you are a FIRST FOLLOWER! Someone who can take the lead, stand up and inspire others to do the same! You are a LEADER, just by having gotten your "I am World Peace" t-shirt. 

So beyond that, the biggest thing you can do to help right now is wear your T-shirt and promote the cause of Samandhi Pauii. Wear it with pride! Wear it in peace. (And wash it inside out in cold water, so it lasts longer :-)

And TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW - especially people from other countries! Spread the message of World Peace. Tell your social media friends on InstaTwitFace! Email your friends. Buy them a t-shirt for a present. Tell people what Samandhi Pauii is about. Tell EVERYONE. We can't do this without you!

Please understand: YOU ARE JUST AS MUCH A PART OF THIS AS WE ARE. In fact, you're more important! We can't do this without you! We are just regular people like you. We're not some giant corporation or something. We're just people who care, and are trying to raise awareness about what's possible for humanity. We're wearing these T-shirts too! Join our club! Everyone's welcome! And when you see someone else with an 'I am World Peace' T-shirt, give 'em a PEACE SIGN!

Remember: "when you see a lone nut, doing something great, have the courage to stand up and join in", because YOU will be the FIRST FOLLOWER that CREATES THE GLOBAL MOVEMENT! You have no idea how important you are! Without you, there won't be a movement. 

More than that though, is you really need to BE SAMANDHI PAUII. Be World Peace. Be kindness. Be helpful. Care. Smile! Make a difference. Wear your "I am World Peace" shirt every day. (Get two so you'll always have a clean one!) Give money to a homeless person. Learn to meditate! Help an old Lady across the street. Hold the door for the person behind you. In traffic, try letting someone merge in, and give them the Peace Sign, instead of cutting them off and giving them the finger. Co-operate! BE AWESOME! We're all in this together. 

'We can all sink, or we all float, coz we're all in this same big boat!' (©The Police)

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