How will SamandhiPauii.Love actually create WORLD PEACE?

The path to Peace is shockingly simple! It comes from KINDNESS. 

If everyone on this planet were being treated fairly - that is to say: if everyone in this world had fair and safe access to CLEAN WATER, FOOD, SHELTER, CLOTHING, MEDICAL CARE, EDUCATION, and an opportunity to work and contribute, we'd have Peace. Like, tomorrow.

By raising money through the sale of awesome products, SamandhiPauii.Love will create just that. 

We are actually just a bunch of regular people like you, from all around the world, with regular jobs, families, etc. But in out free-time, we have put together this business, that acts as a revenue engine for good charities around the world. Further, we shall be creating our own charitable organisations, that will focus on FAIR and realistic economic development for impoverished people around the world, and right in your hometown!

AND further, with the money generated we will be able to empower other people, to start initiatives and businesses and organizations, to address all kinds of other specific issues. Such as saving the Maui's Dolphins! Or maybe creating orphanages. Or saving the rainforests. Whatever needs to be done, SamandhiPauii.Love will be there to help!

And all it takes, IS YOU BUYING A T-SHIRT. 

Mostly right now though, we are focusing on the issue of homelessness, which is out of control - you've probably noticed...

JOIN US! Help create the movement that will CREATE WORLD PEACE!

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