How will we create World Peace? A Million Little Projects!

So as we said, 'HOW' makes no difference. 'WHY' makes ALL the difference. Now let us make that point even more clear - because it's hilarious. 

Sometimes, even when you know 'HOW' to do something - IT STILL MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. 

Think about this: many people are struggling with being overweight these days. But we all know HOW to lose weight, don't we? Yeah, it's simple: eat the broccoli, not the potato chips, and go exercise, instead of sitting on the couch. 

Yet are people doing that? And losing weight? 


They know HOW, but they're still not doing it. 


WHY MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE, AND IS THE REASON WE WILL CREATE WORLD PEACE. Because we deserve to live in a great world, and so do you. And so do our children. And your children. And everybody's children. And for that matter, so do all the other animals (like the Maui's Dolphin) who live on this incredibly beautiful planet that we're lucky to have. (And are currently wrecking.)

Really, creating World Peace is simple: we all know that "What you focus on, becomes your reality". For decades now, beginning with "Paramanhansa Yogananda" (the original and still the best!!!), then Jose Silva, Shakti Gawain, to Tony Robbins, to that book, "The Secret"... people have been teaching the power of thoughts, positive thinking, affirmations, visualisation, and so forth. It's widely accepted now that THIS STUFF WORKS. Even Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert cartoon attributes his success to writing daily affirmations. There isn't an olympic athlete on the planet now that isn't using visualisation as part of their training. 


And the way that happens - is by everyone wearing "I am World Peace" T-Shirts. Get yours RIGHT NOW (Click Here!)

When we all start to see how many of us want this, and it starts to get in people's minds and hearts, World Peace will absolutely begin.


But if you're still one of those people who like to have things really spelled out clearly for them, in terms of physical reality, here's HOW. 

A Million Little Projects 

We know a lady - very nice lady, very strong, plays women's rugby - and all she wants to do, is create orphanages. Honestly. The first time we met her, that's all she talked about. And she's serious: she's even flown down to Brazil two times, paying her own way, just to go see what the conditions are like, and try to figure out how she could make it happen. 

We met another lady recently - a registered massage therapist - who says she knows she could have a huge impact on "integrative medicine" and the way it interfaces with Western Medicine. 

This fellow from South Korea (below), recently, got organised, raised money, and sent thousands of pairs of socks, in boxes, attached to helium balloons, from South Korea, over the border to help people in North Korea. Because the winters in North Korea are harsh, and the poor people there, needed the help. And not only that, but each box had a note that said "We still care about you. You are not forgotten."

Now, we're not saying necessarily that this is what has prompted the recent peace talks between North and South Korea... but you have to admit, the timing is an interesting co-incidence. Who knows?

People are incredibly awesome, and everyone wants to contribute. Fundamentally, when we get enough people focusing on World Peace, and STANDING FOR WORLD PEACE, we WILL create it. 

There was another fellow, from awesome New Zealand, whose friend, had a grandmother, that had always wanted to go for a ride on a motorbike, but had never done it in her life. So as a surprise for her 80th birthday, he took his friend's granma for a ride on his bike, and blew her mind! She had so much fun, that they ended up bringing a whole motorcycle club out to her assisted living centre (Seniors Home), and gave rides to anyone who wanted to go. People had the thrill of their lives. (Here is a link for more info.)

There are literally millions of people around the world who want to help and make a difference and know how to do it. Some of them could use a little help, like the orphanage lady, and in those cases, SamandhiPauii.Love will be there to help. 

By raising money through the sale of T-shirts and other awesome products, SamandhiPauii.Love will develop a huge fund of available money to assist people all over the world in creating projects to help people, and ultimately to create World Peace. 

This is on top of donating money to GOOD charities and developing our own organisations and businesses to create realistic economic development for homeless people locally and around the world, such as in so many African Nations.

Here is a link to MANY other projects to help! 

There are even educational organizations that train people how to become leaders in their communities and create successful projects such as the above, that help people around the world. Here is a link to that course. To date, they have created over 100,000 such projects!

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