How will SamandhiPauii.Love help?

In addition to raising money - acting as a revenue engine for good charities - SamandhiPauii.Love will gradually develop our own charity fund system, which will be modelled on economic development, rather than a perpetual donation system. 

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So how will SamandhiPauii.Love really make a difference?

By starting businesses.

We have many clever, extremely well-thought-out plans, to continue to raise money, help people, employ people, house people, and promote World Peace. And this is locally, like right in your home-town, and around the world. We've got LOTS of ideas for businesses, as well as we will be helping other people start businesses too. And our businesses and the ones we help start will be based on a profit-sharing model. But here is just one idea...

Hemp Farms

Right now, humans are currently cutting down trees to make toilet paper. And paper towels. And printer paper. And disposable coffee cups. (Yikes! Think about how many trees THAT represents each year?!? OUCH!) Seriously. We are destroying entire forests for paper products. Because trees make pulp. 

Everyone is keen on saving the 'tropical' rainforest of the Amazon, but no one even seems to be aware that we are currently destroying the equally important 'temperate' rainforest of British Columbia, Canada, just as fast!

Hemp grows faster than weeds, and can be harvested multiple times per year. Versus trees, which take 30 years to grow, and we need them for OXYGEN and fresh air. Not to mention for the forest habitat for the innumerable species of animals that live there. 

Hemp makes about three times more useable pulp than trees (per acre grown) and the pulp can be used to make toilet paper, printer paper, coffee cups, paper plates, paper towels, rope, clothing, animal feed, building materials for housing, insulation, fibre board, tiling, car panel parts, countertops, biofuel... there is far TOO MUCH TO LIST HERE. You can seriously use it for everything. 

And you can EAT IT. Hemp seeds make a nut butter, similar to peanut butter, but INCREDIBLY healthy for you, and way tastier. Hemp oil is the healthiest natural oil you can consume. And you can put it on everything: salads, potatoes, rice... it's delicious. It has a perfect ratio of fatty acid composition. (Click here for info)  (BTW: thank you, Udo Erasmus, you're a great man!)

Hemp makes the best rope in the world, which will also sink in water and biodegrade, rather than plastic rope, which is currently floating around and polluting the Pacific Ocean. And tangling up wildlife. 

Humans have been growing hemp as a crop for about 10,000 years, at least. It's been used by every culture we know of: the Sumerians, the Egyptians, etc. etc... and in modern times it was still being grown in Russia and other parts of Europe until the last century. 

Most importantly for us though, Hemp makes incredibly soft, luxurious, yet extremely durable fabric - stronger than denim - for clothing. And we're in the clothing business... so we will be growing the hemp, to make the fabric, to make the World Peace T-shirts. And we'll expand into jeans, jean jackets, athletic wear, yoga wear... the possibilities are endless. So we will ensure there is a demand for the hemp we're growing!

Further, as the global demand for medical marijuana increases, like - skyrocketing in the next 10 years - as it becomes legal everywhere - there will be a massive opportunity. (Hemp is cannabis, but not the medical kind - but we'll start growing that also.)

We will start hemp farms, and create jobs... especially for homeless people. Everyone can do farming. Farming is incredibly therapeutic. Being out in the fresh air, away from the city. Our farms will also provide housing for these people, as well as have medical centres right on site, and dental facilities also. And mini-community centres that will provide activities, like sports and fitness, YOGA AND MEDITATION. 

We'll be creating jobs, that not only employ people, but get them off the streets and into a home. And a community. And get them meditating... and we confess, we feel that meditation is the most important thing any human being can do. Not only for themselves, but also to create World Peace. Did we mention WORLD PEACE!??!

These businesses will be profitable, however the idea is that the profits will be re-invested and going to support as many people as possible. Versus most businesses, where all the money gets funnelled up to the top to make a few people rich, while everyone else is making minimum wage. We'll be creating simple, easy and enjoyable employment for disenfranchised people; the same homeless people in your hometown, as well as around the world. See how this will work?

THIS WILL WORK. WE CAN DO THIS. And all it takes... 

... is you buying an awesome t-shirt!

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