SO now we have the new word, "Samandhi Pauii", so anyone, anywhere in the whole world, knows what we're talking about, and can start getting familiar with the idea of total World Peace. 

And we're selling these T-Shirts, that say "I AM WORLD PEACE", and printing them in all languages around the world, and the profits go towards helping people. 

When you (yeah, you... reading this) when you are wearing one of these T-Shirts, you're sending an incredibly powerful message to the world. You're not just wearing a shirt - you're making a profound statement to the whole world about who you are as a human being, what you care about, and what you stand for! 

You're saying: that you're not going to stand for wars any longer; you're not going to stand idly by while the world goes down the toilet; you're not OK with destroying the rain forests; you're not OK with us killing off the entire species of the Maui's Dolphin (among many others); you're not OK with endless pollution which is going to kill the whole planet - humans included!

You're saying: that YOU CARE, and YOU'RE BRAVE ENOUGH to let everyone know... and you're helping to encourage others to be brave also, wear a t-shirt and stand up together, so we can turn this world around and create a FAIR and JUST planet for all of us - for all living beings!

EVERYONE wants World Peace. It's just a matter of enough of us saying it out loud and making it known, so that we can begin to work together and actually start creating it.