HOW we will create World Peace - IN REALITY.

So you're wondering HOW we can possibly create World Peace. We get it! It seems crazy and impossible. HOW will we ever do something that's never been done before? HOW will we get everyone to co-operate? What about those people? And what about that religion? And what about that country? And what about the terrorists? HOW WILL IT EVER WORK? 

We get it: it's scary. Take a breath. And let us explain something... like a secret... that you never realized... you're going to laugh when we tell you:

"HOW" makes no difference. "WHY" is the only thing you need to know.

Let us explain:

For example: the Wright brothers didn't know HOW to make an airplane fly. Do you understand? They had no clue. But they knew WHY it was so important. They absolutely believed that if they could invent an airplane, they would change the world - and make the world better for everyone. 

So they kept trying until they figured it out. They figured out HOW. 

Gandhi didn't know HOW to get the British to stop oppressing India. But he knew WHY it mattered so much! 

So he kept trying, and several million people joined him, and they figured out HOW. 

Nicola Tesla didn't know HOW to make electricity available to everyone. But he knew WHY it mattered so much, and knew that he could make life better for everyone. 

So he kept trying and he figured out HOW. 

Are you getting it? Coz we got more!

Alexander Fleming didn't know HOW to create penicillin. Charles Best didn't know HOW to create insulin. BUT THEY BOTH KNEW WHY it was so important, and what it would mean for humanity. So they figured out HOW. 

When the Berlin Wall came down: no one knew HOW it was going to happen, (and frankly we're still unclear how this happened) but everyone knew WHY they wanted it to happen. So they figured out HOW. 

So DO YOU GET IT YET? It's almost like a joke that no one realizes...


All that matters is WHY. 

That's the big joke: if we knew HOW, we would have done it already.  :-)

So WHY do you want World Peace so badly?

What would it mean to you to know that EVERYBODY on this planet was getting enough food, clean water, a home, clothing, medical care and education... Why is it important to you that everyone gets taken care of? Why is it important to you that we save the Maui's Dolphin, along with all the other species we're currently driving to extinction? Including ourselves!

WHY does World Peace matter to you? Because that's all you need to know. 

For us at SamandhiPauii.Love, it's mostly because WE HAVE CHILDREN. And we love our children more than anything in this world. And we are committed that our children - and yours - are NOT going to grow up in the messed up world that we grew up in. 

That's our "WHY".

So what's your "WHY"? Because that's all you need to know. 

Believe me. We WILL figure out HOW. 

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