Samandhi Pauii: Some more info

Just a bit more information, for your edification:

The word "Samandhi Pauii" was derived from multiple sources. In particular though, many of you will notice that the word "Samandhi" is like the word "samadhi", which means: "a state of intense bliss and concentration through union with the Divine, achieved during meditation". (That sounded really good to us!!!)

(Also check this out about samadhi. And this link also!)

And the word "Pauii" was derived from Polynesian dialects, specifically the Maori language of New Zealand. (See those the two letter "i"s at the end? It's sorta like the word "Hawaii", which is also Polynesian.) 

The idea was that this new word needed to be friendly, welcoming and KIND. And yet, at the same time, brave and bold and adventurous

Kiwis (New Zealanders) are so friendly and welcoming (and humble!), and who could be braver, than the awesome Maori People!

HEY! You try crossing the whole Pacific Ocean in a canoe! (Let alone a canoe you built yourself out of a tree with stone tools!) 

Out of deep respect for ALL the Native Peoples of the world, this is what was decided. 

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